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Chase the Coyote - The Final Chase.

Chase The Coyote


Chase the Coyote - the final chase.

Post run hydration is important - number 9 in a series.

I finished the Chase the Coyote 50k yesterday and it was not pretty. I was not properly prepared - my training did not go according to plan this year. And I did just about everything wrong for hydration and nutrition during the race. But I finished! And I believe I set a course record for the slowest time to complete the 50k!

Thanks to @monocentrebrewingco. I can’t remember when a beer has ever tasted as good as the one I drank when I got home. I believe your beer has life-giving properties!

Thanks to @dufferindirtrunners and all the volunteers - you make these events possible!

A big thank you to @sharkrunner17 for leaving the porch light on staying and to present my finisher’s medal. I will treasure this one!

Another big thank you to @theultranorm for his support during my 2nd loop. This was the most grueling thing I have ever done and he helped me get through it.

And a special thank to Mary Fischer. We ran the first loop together and she waited until I finished my second loop!

Sorry to see CTC go but what an incredible way to end it!

#chasethecoyote #trailrunning #ultrarunning #ultrawalking @gottarunracing

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