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Chase The Coyote

-5th place female

-2nd in my age group

-a time I am very proud of for 820+ metres of steep elevation

Late update because much like my legs my phone was muddy and unusable after the race: I COMPLETED THE ULTRA.

Took a nasty spill at kilometre 41. I usually manage to tuck and hit the ground with my shoulder when that happens, but this time for some reason I watched in super-slow motion as two of my fingers sunk into the sand and I was just waiting for a snap that somehow did not come.

Arrived at the 42km aid station where they looked at my swollen hand and debated the likelihood of it being broken. “Do you want us to call a medic?” they asked, “He could be here in 10 minutes.”

But I was SO CLOSE and didn’t want to deal with how my body would feel if I stopped running that long.

“No I’ll just take the ice pack. I’m not like an artist or anything — my hand can get worse for 8 kilometers, I don’t care.” The guy next to me did a spit take laughing and that perked me up enough to stay positive.

This wasn’t even my worst cock up— at the 25km drop point I’d been so focused on stripping my shirt and getting my gear back on right that I FORGOT TO LOAD MY VEST WITH THE REST OF MY FUEL. After all that planning my caffeinated gels and baby food packets were not on me. Thankfully the water stations were staffed by angels bearing salt pills and sandwiches.

If my fuel game had been more on point and if I hadn’t had to make stops to refill the ice pack I think I could have come in closer to that 6hour mark. But that’s trail running— unpredictability is part of it. And either way I am OFFICIALLY AN ULTRAMARATHONER NOW.

Also @tampsen came in 13th in the 16k with a 1:37 time on this insane course— incredible outing for his first trail race. I am SO proud.

@chasethecoyote @gottarunracing




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