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Super fun, Super Terrifying Day

Chase The Coyote

Vanessa Sullivan-White

Super fun, super terrifying day Saturday! Thank you Jodi and Norman for not offering the 5k option ( or the 12k) for the LAST chase the coyote race and pushing me out of my comfort zone!

16k it was! I have never ran that far on a trail and while it was super challenging it was so much better to have Jo Thomson to help along the way!

Thank you for the pushes when I needed it!! It felt good to do something that was scary and finish. I had hoped I would get to the finish line, in my head a great race would mean I would do it in under 2hrs. Well goal accomplished…. By 3 seconds . 8th in my age and 68 overall.

Icing on the cake was the girls were at the finish line handing out medals!

GottaRunRacing #chasethecoyote #trailrunner

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