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Chase The Coyote


The final Chase was bittersweet, it was so great to see a lot of people in the trail community @badiaz75 @instajames007 thank you to a fellow racer who was kind to stop during his race and ask if I wanted my photo at the 64steps to ruin📸

A HUGE Thank you @sharkrunner17 & @theultranorm @gottarunracing for the Amazing Spirit of Chase the Coyote. I was choked on the last Km I had to stop and catch my breath and get back out there, I’ve grown here and these trails feel like home. The weather and the beautiful scenery was great as usual!

Thank you for the Most dedicated Award, I will always hold this close to my heart! I Love it 💝See you at your other @gottarunracing events in the future.


#trailrunner ☀️🌲

#runnerslifeptbo ❤️

#oisellevolée #oisellecanada #headupwingsout #womenwhofly

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