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Trail Races, Keep your expectations in the car

Rainbow Trail Run

Finishing the Rainbow Trail Run

Yesterday I did a looped course with @gottarunracing where I 100% was adamant that I was going to do 3 loops - total of 36k - in around 4 hrs. Boy was I slapped in the face with a reality check! Trails by far are no joke. I ended up calling it at 2 loops - 24k - when I reached the time I expected to do the 3 loops in 🙅‍♀️ best decision as that would have put me at >5 hrs which is not productive for marathon training (too long on my feet).


When I do long runs (road), I tend to zone out after about 2 hrs and my legs just know what to do. You cannot do that (imo) during a trail run cause all the tree routes, uneven pathways and animal holes. It was both a mental and physical battle to get to the 24k point and actually get to the finish. My brain and legs are equally as tired.


Enough on why I wont be doing trail runs for this training block, but I must mention how great the race was and how well planned it was!


The race was so well marked, if you went off course, you clearly weren’t paying attention! The course was a mixture of grass, gravel, pavement and wood chipped pathways (including one hill I now call “hell hill”. There was one aid station mid loop and one at the start/finish, which had

fruit, drinks and ice (which I utilized every time I passed!). The volunteers and other runners were awesome, making sure everyone finished and got through their laps. Given that the humidity was 100% and it was >30C, they were even more attentive than I expected. Definitely would recommend @gottarunracing if you are interested in a trail event.


Now that its over, I will be sticking to the roads/paved flat pathways for the rest of this training block. 7 long runs to go before the big day!

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